(Mary Altaffer/AP)
            (Mary Altaffer/AP)
            The rising 401(k) balances so often cheered by President Trump are virtually meaningless to most Americans, data show.

            Americans’ debts are mounting, putting new focus on Biden’s role opposing bankruptcy protections

            During the last recession personal bankruptcies steadily increased. Experts are expecting a similar surge shortly, renewing debate over reform that Biden helped pass in 2005.

            Republicans could suffer from Chinese company’s failure to buy Montana beef

            Deal touted during Trump’s 2017 Beijing visit may affect tight U.S. Senate race.
            U.S. markets swooned Monday as investors grappled with uncertainty about stimulus negotiations and soaring coronavirus cases.
            Major brands like Hertz and J.C. Penney issued six- and seven-figure payouts before asking bankruptcy courts to shield them from creditors during restructuring — often before erasing thousands of jobs — court and regulatory documents show.
            The financial arm of the e-commerce giant Alibaba hopes to raise more than $34 billion with its initial public offering.
            The IRS is making a push to get people who haven't received a stimulus payment to use its online non-filers tool by Nov. 21. Low-income Americans who are non-filers were previously told they had until Oct. 15 to claim a payment.
            Jobs that were saved are dwarfed by others that left.

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            Debate moderator Kristen Welker opened the conversation by asking Biden if he still supported the implementation of a $15 federal minimum wage.
            Syndicated conservation easements -- tax breaks granted to protect undeveloped land -- have become increasingly common over the last decade -- but they are attracted increasing scrutiny from lawmakers and the IRS as a means for the wealthy to avoid paying their appropriate share of taxes.
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            Real-time pandemic data paints a vivid picture of the relationship between mask-wearing and the prevalence of covid-19 symptoms.
            Homeownership, which is so central to the American Dream, has been and far too often still is an unequal experience for Black families, in large part because of discriminatory policies endorsed by the federal government.
            The bank says it will rescind $174 million in salaries and bonuses from top leadership, as well as attempt to claw back $67 million from former executives.
            The big-box retailer is rolling out new safety measures, including expanded pick-up and delivery options.
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