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            Live updates: U.S. reports nearly 90,000 new coronavirus cases amid surges in every swing state

            (Nick Oxford/Reuters)
            (Nick Oxford/Reuters)
            The total number of infections reported nationwide since February is virtually guaranteed to reach 9 million on Friday, just 15 days after the tally hit 8 million. At least 228,000 deaths have been linked to the coronavirus.
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            Report says the lack of a national strategy and administration meddling have cost lives.
            Jennifer Lopez, Judd Apatow and George Lopez were among those who did not make the cut because of their political views, according to documents obtained from contractors.
            Trump Jr. claimed the death toll is now approximately "nothing." The reason? Because like many others before him, he apparently didn't read the fine print.
            No one knows where the mysterious bird came from, but his new east London neighbors are glad he stayed.
            There is no bigger or more important star, no young sports leader handling every facet of this traumatic year better than Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Yet he is no match for the novel coronavirus.
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            Idaho's lieutenant governor has repeatedly criticized the state's coronavirus restrictions, most recently appearing in a video that claimed the pandemic “may or may not” exist.
            El Paso County Judge Ricardo Samaniego ordered a two-week shutdown of non essential businesses on Thursday.
            Juggling careers and kids was already a struggle for millions of American women. Then the pandemic hit.
            Cemeteries have been ordered closed on the night when families commune with the spirits of loved ones.
            Trump Jr.'s comments come as at least 1,063 people in the U.S. died of the novel coronavirus, the second-highest daily total for October.
            The United States has seen a steady increase in coronavirus infections and hospitalizations for almost the entire month of October, according to data tracked by The Washington Post.
            Trevor Lawrence is a leading candidate to go No. 1 overall in next year's NFL draft.
            The novel coronavirus made its first appearance in the region on March 5. How it has spread since then.
            Federal health officials are telling states to be ready to “pre-position” doses in key locations around the country once a coronavirus vaccine is approved.
            Pandemic-fueled online shopping, coupled with the expected crush of holiday sales, has led Amazon to add 400,000 jobs this year.
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            (Alexa Juliana Ard, Michelangelo Ruzzene/The Washington Post)
            In Venice, hopes for another rebirth after the coronavirus outbreak
            In April 2020, The Post spoke to shop owners and residents of Venice hoping to bounce back after 2019’s historic flooding. But then came the pandemic.
            In Venice, hopes for another rebirth after the coronavirus outbreak
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