‘The Dissident’ focuses on spycraft and surveillance — but also Khashoggi the man.

You can enjoy performances of "A Christmas Carol" and "The Nutcracker" streaming on your tablet.

Two broken people, a lonely man and an orphan girl, seek healing in the post-Civil War West.

Sequel to the hit 2017 film pivots from light and playful to drearily overblown.

Animated tale of a man’s soul trying to reunite with his body is gorgeous but frustrating.

Here’s what parents need to know.

With early toasts and virtual celebrations, New Year's Eve is going to look very different this year.

Some museums and cultural attractions have remained open with precautions in place.

The festive options include Santa-themed tiki drinks, spiked hot cocoa and takeaway cocktail kits.

Watch these new movies from home.

Virtual film festivals, streaming concerts and socially distanced events offer escapes during the coronavirus pandemic.

In ‘Greenland,’ action hero Gerard Butler plays an introspective Everyman for a change.

‘Drawing From Memory’ features work by Kota Ezawa, William Kentridge, Terence Gower and Sondra Perry.

D.C. theater curates a months-long immersive experience that takes in the great outdoors.

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The District techno and house producer hopes you might take his new music on a walk.

If you wish the McRib tasted more like pork, try a version from Your Only Friend or Pitmasters Back Alley BBQ.

The film is both a post-apocalyptic thriller and a poignant drama of regret and longing.

The founder of the modern orchestra is a history buff.

Here’s what parents need to know.

It’s impossible not to smile when taking in these festive shows.

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