Even typically neutral anchors have adopted a stern, sharp-edged approach with slippery Team Trump interview subjects. It’s made for some compelling TV news.

            Helpful tips include setting up your medication and healthy routines in advance, knowing your triggers and figuring out ways to stay connected.

            • Chelsea Cirruzzo
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            “A flawed election is not a failed election,” the scholar said.

            • KK Ottesen
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            Washington Post reporter Salvador Rizzo explains how and why he gives ‘Pinocchios’ to politicians’ statements.

            After George Floyd's killing, Linda Harris was inspired to retrace Tubman’s journey from Cambridge, Md., to Kennett Square, Pa. She found some kindred spirits.

            • Sydney Page
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            How the social-media giant’s whims hurt Mother Jones and Courier Newsroom — while conservative publications flourish.

            Writers for “The Walking Dead,” “The Good Place,” “Handmaid’s Tale” and others give notes on America’s least plausible — yet most realistic — show.

            Friend sends travel reports from long-ago trips, and reader would like to ignore them.

            This year try a virtual costume contest or a drive-by parade.

            Reader wants husband to drop his friend over nasty message she got from friend’s wife.

            And while the oven’s heated up, consider fixing yourself some humble pie.

            Halloween-inspired recipes help you scare up frightful fun at home.

            The on-air stars, including Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum, will broadcast from home until they are cleared to return.

            From discussions with the man who killed Osama bin Laden to Nixon’s White House counsel John Dean, a soul-searching exploration of the delicate path forward no matter who wins.

            • Perspective

            Gayle and other artists discuss how music fits into their creative process and what they're listening to now.

            • Gayle Kabaker
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            A pan de muerto recipe to place on your Dia de los Muertos ofrenda, or Day of the Dead altar.

            • Adriana Velez
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            In the day-to-day drudgery of pandemic survival, I'd begin to see my child as simply someone I was responsible for, not the wonderful, complete human she is. Ms. G changed that.

            • Emily James
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            In a ballot initiative, 1.4 million were enfranchised, but the state found a way to thwart the will of the people.

            • Rebecca Nelson
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            No explanation is obvious, so just patch it and hope the problem doesn’t happen again.

            She lives alone in an assisted-living facility and watching the outdoor fitness classes has been her sole source of motivation and entertainment during the pandemic.

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