She wants to stop worrying and trying to track him, but she doesn’t know how.

            Reader has kept diaries for decades, and coronavirus has raised worries over who might read them.

            Former best friend begrudgingly invites reader to her wedding. Should she go?

            Reader resorts to writing emails to spouse of 45 years who has a short fuse.

            Reader moves into shared house, and the genial roommate is a ‘sentimental hoarder.’

            Too much drama in this three-way relationship

            Despite his choice of words, boyfriend wants to end the relationship

            Speeding and tailgating drive her nuts, and with reason

            Reader’s wife is annoyed that his godson sold a present years later.

            Reader wants his wife to carefully sort recycling, but she responds with “whatever.”

            Reader’s social media posts prompt an abrupt end to the relationship.

            Neurotic tendencies need calming, but she isn’t there when reader could use a friend.

            Reader’s husband ditched his wife and grown children for a younger woman.

            Reader wants to steer clear of those who have been flouting CDC recommendations.

            She has asked for help with household chores, but he hasn’t gotten the message.

            He tested negative, but that hasn’t helped matters.

            Couple leave one sister-in-law out of the wedding party.

            Reader’s mom looks to dispose of old letters, but kids would like to save bits of history.

            Husband worries that wife’s frequent purchases are one day going to be his responsibility.

            She wanted this couple to be the perfect parents she never had.

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