National Mill Dog Rescue gives treatment and finds new homes for the dogs.

            The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals created a free tool.

            Reader’s friend, who died suddenly, had an easy-to-find address book.

            That bottle of bleach doesn’t stay effective forever.

            Don’t keep potatoes in the fridge or store them with onions

            Content on a smartphone can be viewed on a smart TV too

            Air quality improved during the pandemic

            Houseplants are attractive and they pull carbon dioxide out of the air.

            Reader uses gift bags for daughter’s long-ago shower. The bags are still being used.

            Staying in neighbor’s attic would have meant dealing with a blasting radio.

            Adding shredded vegetables can fool those who typically avoid them.

            Words help reader with confidence and productivity.

            Developing new hobbies or tackling delayed home-improvement projects can raise spirits.

            Reader’s dog used to be nervous at appointments because his owner was nervous.

            Creosote can build up and ignite a fire.

            Mental illness should be given the same consideration as physical illness.

            Water from boiling pasta or vegetables or leftover pita chips can have a second act.

            An at-work nutritious snack is called for on National Fruit at Work Day, and every day.

            Major online retailers won't ask for your password through an email.

            A senior diet can help your pet lead a long life.

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