Today’s Sound Off is about breaking appointments:

Dear Heloise: I have a full-service beauty salon with five other chairs and stylists. This is how I make a living. You can't imagine how annoying it is when a client doesn't keep their appointment and doesn't call me in a timely fashion to allow me to book someone else. Some people think it's not a big deal but for me; it is. I have two boys to feed and clothe. I have bills to pay.

I know there are occasions where something happens last minute, and I don't get angry over that. But to not call and not show up is just plain rude. Let your readers know that people like me have bills, kids, utilities and much more that we need to pay for, so if at all possible, don't stand us up. If you show up late, you might need to reschedule. We are a business, and we conduct our time and work as business professionals. Thank You.

— Janine L., Miami

Dear Readers: Here are new uses for old wine bottles:

● Cut off the bottoms, and use as hanging lights.

● Wrap yarn around the bottle, and use as a vase

● Paint the bottle (either inside or outside the glass), and use as a lamp base.

● Make a stained-glass window out of high-end wine bottles.

Dear Heloise: My son has been in the Army Reserves for eight years. He needed his dress uniform for a party in December and was worried because the pants are now too tight. I assured him it was no problem. All men's suit pants have extra fabric in the back seam and can be let out two inches by most anyone who can use a sewing machine. Dry cleaners offer the service too.

— Linda S., Papillion, Neb.

Dear Heloise: I have a rather large elderly cat. Instead of purchasing an expensive large litter box to replace the old one, I bought a plastic storage container (about 16 inches wide by 22 inches long by 6 inches high). It was half the price of the litter box and the lower profile allows easier access for my "old man"!

— Colleen from Ohio

Dear Readers: In times like these with a virus that is as dangerous as the coronavirus, scammers play upon people’s fears. Here are some of the latest scams that are centered on the novel coronavirus:

1. Calls or texts that come out of the blue claiming to have a cure. Hang up.

2. Never give out any personal information about yourself or your finances, and never give your Social Security number or Medicare ID to strangers.

3. Beware of charities you never heard of who call asking for donations. Check them out online before offering anything.

4. Watch out for offers of bogus virus testing. They usually ask questions and want your personal information, which they don’t need.

Dear Heloise: With all we have to do during the holidays, please ask your readers to take time and just enjoy their family and friends. They are the best gifts of all.

— Rev. A.J.S, Malvern from Arkansas

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