Sound levels, confusion and cross-talk make for a less-then-pleasant get-together.

            Partner’s family continues to party like it’s 2019.

            Reader doesn’t mention minor bad behavior but calls out relative who won’t stop talking.

            Owner tells dog to mimic advanced trick with no practice. It was an embarrassing success.

            They took umbrage at her mention of wedding planning

            Man keeps making jabs about writer’s university

            Some handy phrases to let people know you are not entertaining

            In talking with friends, reader doesn’t want to be left out but doesn’t want to reveal too much.

            Is it in good taste to do so on a child’s birthday?

            Reader’s husband is told to spend large sum on clothing, but she disapproves.

            Reader can’t “sit and joyfully listen” to stories about strangers.

            The invitations to a live stream should reflect the more casual nature of the event.

            They seem to think reader needs educating, as do all Americans.

            Asking relatives to stop sending is a good first course of action for unwanted emails.

            Teacher wonders if it’s unreasonable to ask students to do so in school.

            Wife wants husband to stop licking the salt off the glass.

            Reader wonders the ethical obligations when false information gets passed along.

            Virtual party guest, who knows the couple hopes for a boy, wants to be camera-ready.

            Reader wants something more forceful than politely avoiding the offender.

            Reader’s 30-something spouse walks with a cane, which leads to unfortunate assumptions.

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