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“The reality here in the United States and in Washington is that the Saudis have lost both political parties,” said a senior administration official.

The Defense Department said its strike on a border crossing station in eastern Syria led to the deaths of one fighter and wounded two others, in addition to destroying nine buildings.

The effort is aimed at countering attacks from hard-right conservatives who have portrayed the civil rights attorney as a radical liberal.

Tehran says the time is not suitable as it seeks a clear agenda on what will be discussed.

The video could offer investigators a path to holding someone accountable in connection with Officer Brian Sicknick’s death.

The report by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence was ordered by Congress. Its release could push already strained U.S.-Saudi relations to new lows.

Administration hopes to use diplomacy to restore nuclear deal while curbing Tehran’s support for militia groups

The airstrike on a border post follows a recent attack on a base used by U.S. forces in northern Iraq.

District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. is leading a criminal investigation into the former president and his business activities.

The report is expected to directly implicate Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in ordering the columnist’s death.

The veteran diplomat said he would make China and investigating a suspected microwave attack on CIA officers a major focus of his work.

The administration says the hacks went beyond traditional espionage and were “indiscriminate” and potentially “disruptive.”

Biden’s pick to lead the Justice Department testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Canadian, Finnish and Japanese experts said police forces in their countries have a different approach to people with weapons, especially those who appear mentally ill.

The Justice Department’s efforts to report and track such incidents have been beset by incomplete and inconsistent data from the nation’s 18,000 local law enforcement agencies.

President Biden’s pick to lead the Justice Department released prepared remarks ahead of a Senate confirmation hearing scheduled for Monday.

The 95-year-old German-born man, who was living in Tennessee, once worked at a concentration camp, U.S. authorities found.

The FBI is looking into potential links to top Trump right-wing allies amid a wider probe of “radicalization” of members of the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers.

A team of Western mercenaries was part of a 2019 plan to topple Libya’s U.N.-backed government.

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