One Million Moms is downright apoplectic.
            Anyone who votes to reelect him based on the Dow is embracing a man of low character in exchange for average economic returns.
            The livelihoods of millions of Americans depend on fossil fuel energy. Biden should be straightforward with them.
            The central issue of the 2020 presidential campaign was settled within the first 11 minutes of the final debate between Trump and Biden.
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            Americans are right to be angry. The Justice Department let us all down.
            • 2 days ago
            The United States and Russia should seal the deal now to extend New START.
            • 3 days ago
            There are two solutions that could achieve this.
            • 3 days ago
            To understand what is true, look at the data.
            • 4 days ago
            Most marriages have gotten stronger, not weaker, during the pandemic.
            • 4 days ago
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            There is a danger that an already left-leaning council could tip out of balance altogether.
            Purdue has already declared bankruptcy, so it’s not likely that the federal government will ever receive anything close to $8.3 billion from what’s left of the firm’s assets.
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            Our children deserve school buildings that are conducive to learning and reflect the importance we place on their education.
            • 6 days ago
            Case in point: Virginia should reconsider allowing a massive landfill to be built near a historic Black school.
            • Oct 16
            In Howard County, the status quo is unacceptable.
            • Oct 16
            Reforming the criminal justice system isn’t limited to law enforcement.
            • Oct 16
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            A series of editorials on the damage President Trump has caused — and the danger he would pose in a second term.
            (Danielle Kunitz, Kate Woodsome/The Washington Post)
            Opinion | Trump is fueling a covid-19 anti-vaccine movement, but the problem is far bigger
            Opinion | Trump is fueling a covid-19 anti-vaccine movement, but the problem is far bigger
            Play Video 6:27
            Opinion | The U.S. election is under attack — from Trump
            Play Video 4:48
            Opinion | The Harris-Pence debate was revealing — even if they didn't answer the questions
            Play Video 5:32
            Opinion | What we know — and don't know — about Trump's medical condition
            Play Video 6:00
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