(Melina Mara/The Washington Post)
            (Melina Mara/The Washington Post)
            If he doesn't, he and his conservative allies on the court can count on being joined next year by a whole batch of new colleagues.
            Guest Opinion
            Lawmakers should ask Facebook about its conservative bias.
            • 1 day ago
            The White House’s surrender to the pandemic is the most urgent reason to vote Trump out.
            The Trump administration is meeting the greatest public health crisis of our time with a shrug.
            America has transcended many ills. It can rise above President Trump.
            Others might worry about the bill, but if Biden doesn’t meet the challenge, the country will pay the price.
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            Failure to address food shortages provoked the French and Russian revolutions and a host of other revolts.
            • 1 day ago
            By acknowledging the worth of gay children, Pope Francis may restore their trust in the church.
            • 2 days ago
            The platform’s steps to shore up election integrity need to go further.
            • 3 days ago
            Neither women nor world leaders should be complicit in this fiction.
            • 3 days ago
            There are senior seniors who would practically crawl to the polls. Thanks to one man, this year many of them will feel they have to.
            • 3 days ago
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            The Senate does not have to consider her nomination on Monday.
            We can bend the trajectory of this pandemic, and we must.
            In a polarized Congress, she is part of a valuable band of genuine moderates.
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            The budget is a living demonstration of our values as a state, determining via funding how much we care about the vital components of civic life.
            • Oct 19
            Our children deserve school buildings that are conducive to learning and reflect the importance we place on their education.
            • Oct 19
            Case in point: Virginia should reconsider allowing a massive landfill to be built near a historic Black school.
            • Oct 16
            In Howard County, the status quo is unacceptable.
            • Oct 16
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            (Danielle Kunitz, Kate Woodsome/The Washington Post)
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            Opinion | Trump is fueling a covid-19 anti-vaccine movement, but the problem is far bigger
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