The pandemic remains the central issue of campaign one week before Election Day, as Biden blistered the president for his handling of the virus.

The president plans to stage rallies in Michigan, Wisconsin and Nebraska. The former vice president will campaign in a state that no Democrat has carried since 1992.

Kaela Bynoe, 23, got off the plane in Florida, went straight to the polls, and then turned back around to catch a return flight to medical school in Baltimore.

“A flawed election is not a failed election,” the scholar said.

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GOP governors have overwhelmingly encouraged masks. Trump still resists them.

The president’s posture is increasingly at odds with even many of the most prominent members of his own party.

Democrats say Republicans will ‘regret’ confirming Amy Coney Barrett. Will they?

Polls have not shown this playing a particularly huge role in the battle for the Senate.

The big potential surprises in the battle for the Senate majority

Unseating Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R) in South Carolina is top of the list.

During the last recession personal bankruptcies steadily increased. Experts are expecting a similar surge shortly, renewing debate over reform that Biden helped pass in 2005.

Millions of new voters have registered in Texas since 2016, and as with Arizona and Georgia, the demographic shifts seem to benefit Democrats.

Matriarch has produced a viral music video that extols Trump's work on trafficking, but she gets her facts wrong.

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The Supreme Court fights over ballot deadlines — and the nature of a valid vote.

The vote was 5 to 3, with the court’s liberals in dissent.

The president held three events in a state he narrowly carried four years ago but where polls show Biden leading.

President Trump’s third nominee secured her seat on the court with only Republican votes.

The president’s first-term judicial legacy, primarily engineered by Sen. Mitch McConnell and his singular focus on the courts, culminates Monday with the expected confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

A group of Democratic senators had urged Pence to stay away from the Senate.

Biden visits Georgia on Tuesday tied in the polls there, making the state a tantalizing goal for his party and a potential sign of a political earthquake. But Georgia has a long history of dashing Democratic hopes.

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It's very possible that more people will vote early in Texas than voted there in total in 2016. So?

Most of the roughly 30 million registered voters who live in Texas, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee have no choice but to cast ballots in person this fall.

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