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            In this edition: The ballot initiatives that matter this year, suburban Republicans try a different message than Trump, and why the GOP's hopeful that a new Supreme Court would go their way on election rules.
            What we learned from Thursday night's debate.
            In this special debate day edition: What to watch in the final debate, the latest from the voting wars, and the Working Families Party's quest for 2 percent of the vote.
            In this edition: The future of the GOP starts in Oregon, the right to vote (or get a ballot counted) gets tried in swing states, and new polls show how close the race for the Senate may be.
            In this edition: The meaning of the third-quarter fundraising hauls, the battle over drop boxes in California, and why Republican candidates are still circling to find the best Obamacare answer.
            In this edition: The Trump campaign's endless search for a “smoking gun,” the danger zone for election legislation, and a first look at the campaign cash hauls that could reshape plenty of races.
            In this edition: The battle for the suburbs trickles down to state legislatures, the 2020 election may be 10 percent done already, and Kanye West is back, sort of.
            In this edition: The political geography of Ohio, the battle over a court reform that neither party thinks will happen, and the long shadow cast by a dead pro-marijuana candidate in Minnesota.
            In this edition: A wrap of a normal-yet-strange debate, a new PAC that'll offer raises if Trump wins, and new polls that explain the increasingly frazzled state of things.
            In this edition: What past debates tell us about Mike Pence and Kamala Harris, the latest fighting over voter rights, and new polls that paint a dark picture for Republicans.
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