Jason Albert Kutt, 18, died of his wounds Monday morning. Now authorities in Pennsylvania are asking for the public’s help in piecing together what happened.

Devices that photograph license plates record the time and location of each photo, which privacy advocates say can be used to track the movements of people not suspected of a crime.

Officers Alejandro Amaya and Lucas Vinyard were arraigned on an indictment handed up last week, then released on bond.

Federal officers are immune from state prosecution unless their actions were not "necessary and proper," which a federal judge will decide before a trial ever starts

After Justice Department declined to file charges last year, county prosecutor indicts Officers Alejandro Amaya and Lucas Vinyard

The prosecutors said that even if Roe v. Wade is reversed, they will not criminalize abortion.

Five Maryland slayings, dating to 2002, have involved charges or convictions since December.

Man allegedly convinced victims to send him photos, then forced them to meet him where he allegedly sexually assaulted them

Davud Sungur, 20, also sold pistols, rifles and lots of ammunition to police

Williamson County, Tex., Sheriff Robert Chody (R) had defended his agency's involvement in "Live PD," which he said helped with recruitment and visibility. But his ties to the canceled reality TV have now led to criminal charges.

Park Police do not use body-worn or in-car cameras, but park rangers do. Park Police did not participate in Tuesday hearing on cameras.

Beyond vague demands for 'defunding the police,' the author suggests numerous concrete steps that cities and states can take to reduce police violence.

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Structured settlement specialist said he used the money to pay other obligations, and will be able to pay $9.1 million restitution.

Video seems to show Officer Alejandro Amaya on the side of Ghaisar's Jeep, but he and another officer claim there was a direct threat.

Many factors contribute to wrongful convictions of people, including withholding evidence or false identifications, but science and innocence advocates are making progress, the study says.

Making officers 'sentinels' rather than 'warriors,' and taking new measurements of their proactive police measures, can improve community trust in American policing.

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With no criminal case in sight, judge rules trial can proceed against two officers who are refusing to testify.

Robert DuBoise was convicted on the basis of bite-mark evidence and a jailhouse snitch, both now believed to be unreliable.

Trial is set three years after the shooting, but officers who killed Ghaisar won't testify until Fairfax decides on criminal charges.

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