In an exclusive interview, Kyle Rittenhouse said he bought a gun with stimulus money. The first man he shot had just left a psychiatric hospital.

The men protested Michigan’s lockdown and increasingly wore clothing associated with the "boogaloo" movement in the months before they were charged in cases related to a plot to kidnap the governor.

Videos and photos show president frequently flouted guidelines

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Videos obtained by The Washington Post show agents' tactics during President Trump's operation.

After three months of nightly protests in the city, Aaron J. Danielson was shot dead in a confrontation on Aug. 29 that police were investigating as a homicide.

Newly released video of George Floyd’s fatal interaction with Minneapolis police shows that medical personnel waited nearly three minutes to perform chest compressions in an attempt to revive the handcuffed man who had been pinned down on a Minneapolis street until he lost consciousness in May.

Eight people suffered severe eye injuries at protests across the country on May 30. In three instances, video evidence undermines official accounts of what happened.

The Washington Post analyzed hundreds of videos and photos of the Brazilian president to retrace his steps in the two weeks before he first reported symptoms of the novel coronavirus.

Two military helicopters roared over demonstrators in the District, producing winds equivalent to a tropical storm. A Washington Post analysis found how low they flew.

The Washington Post reconstructed who did what to clear protestors from the streets outside the White House on June 1. Watch how it unfolded.

The Washington Post reconstructed the events immediately preceding the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis using security footage, emergency services recordings and cellphone videos.

The cruise industry’s decision to keep sailing for weeks after the coronavirus was first detected on a ship helped carry the virus around the globe and contributed to the mounting toll, health experts and passengers say.