The government’s heavy-handed tactics threaten to undermine the legitimacy of the election.

  • Rael Ombuor and Lesley Wroughton
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The citizen was kidnapped in the southern region known for Islamic State linked militants.

Trump's comments came Friday during a call with Sudan and Israel to announce a deal to normalize relations.

The movement to end police brutality in Africa’s most populous country has become a global phenomenon.

The weeks-long demonstration against police brutality took a violent turn Tuesday night.

Hyrine Mita found a new light in her life where she least expected it: a garbage dump.

Bullying Khartoum into quickly normalizing ties with Israel could undermine the country's delicate transition toward democracy.

After early successes in the war against the Islamic State, terrorists are gaining ground on two continents.

Tension is soaring at a fragile moment for the region.

A colossal dam is near completion in Ethiopia, a project so large it could bring electricity to half of the country. But downstream in Egypt, the dam is a giant, menacing barrier.

Demonstrators said the anti-robbery unit routinely robbed people.

In May and June, at least 330 elephants died in a small area, raising concerns about foul play.

Ethnic and political violence, the detention of opposition leaders and delayed elections have created growing instability.

Negotiations have not gotten Sudan on board with other Arab nations to recognize Israel.

More than 100 people from around the world have also raised their hands to do time.

Hajooj Kuka, one of the jailed, was inducted into the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences this year.

Some viewers saw themselves in the story of Amy, a Senegalese immigrant in France.

The White Nile and Blue Nile rivers are Sudan’s lifeblood. Recent heavy rains, however, have transformed them into a force for calamity.

Park officials in the West African country say extremists have forced out the rangers, tourists have vanished and endangered animals are at risk.

Almost two decades later, the events of 9/11 — and the wars that followed — seem increasingly distant as the world grapples with a pandemic and climate change.

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