Five to 10 inches of rain and flooding predicted in South Florida through early next week.

The indecision continued to meet with anxiety around the globe, over what lies ahead for the U.S. political process — and more than a little glee from America’s traditional adversaries.

In victory or defeat, Trump didn't seem inclined to mount a robust effort against the pandemic through the end of the year.

The system has brought disastrous flooding to Central America.

“The Americans did not, as many had hoped, forcefully reject Trumpism — even if Biden wins in the end.”

The world watched with a mixture of apprehension, dismay and fear on Wednesday as the United States struggled to extricate itself from a divisive presidential election and appeared to face a protracted legal battle.

After ravaging Nicaragua, Eta may redevelop and head toward Gulf of Mexico.

A look at the Caribbean’s border closures and travel restrictions for tourists from the United States.

For the past four years, the U.S. government has offered stern words on disputed elections around the world.

The choice of an American president is always a matter of global importance. This time, however, the stakes are exceedingly high.

After explosively intensifying in the Caribbean, Hurricane Eta is nearing Nicaragua and could dump three feet of rain in Central America.

This wasn’t out of a high-minded — or, some would say, misguided — sense of journalistic objectivity. I simply never had the chance before.

Cases are showing up in schools, but infectious-disease specialists say most were contracted outside them.

Eta could produce up to an 21-foot storm surge along the coast.

Americans outside the United States said a defining aspect of life abroad has been watching attitudes toward America shift.

Trump’s policy led to their separation at the border; Biden has pledged to reunite families like theirs.

A new book poses an urgent question: Why does the United States need to be so powerful?

Cemeteries have been ordered closed on the night when families commune with the spirits of loved ones.

Once, a handful of cartels focused on moving narcotics up the highways to the United States. Now they’ve splintered into perhaps more than 200 groups preying on Mexicans and reaching deeper into local governments and communities.

El crimen organizado solía estar conformado por un pu?ado de cárteles que traficaba narcóticos por carretera hacia Estados Unidos. Pero, en un cambio fundamental, una gran variedad de grupos armados — que podrían llegar a ser más de 200 — están penetrando cada vez más profundamente el país.

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