Violence has hit 24 provinces in recent days as analysts say the insurgents are seeking advantage in the talks.

The company did not specify a cause of death. Lee had been hospitalized since a 2014 heart attack.

Rising support for Thailand’s youth protests among police could hamper the government’s response.

With U.S.-China tensions at their highest point in years, a barrage of state media coverage and a blistering speech by Chinese President Xi Jinping hammered home the message.

Coronavirus cases have peaked — for now — in the world’s second-most-populous country.

Analysts say Huawei’s smartphone chip supply is dwindling, limiting its sales despite surging patriotic demand at home.

Protesters and opposition leaders are calling for the army to withdraw from politics.

Visas to Pakistan have been unavailable for months, so thousands turned up to obtain one.

Gone are the days of China's diplomats being seen as their country’s more polished, less muscular, arm of government.

Movie theaters across China have reopened to eager audiences, as Beijing keeps a close watch over new coronavirus cases.

China delivers diatribe against U.S. climate policies

Shanghai Wildlife Park officials said they were "extremely heartbroken" after the deadly attack.

China reported third-quarter growth figures that will probably make it the only country to grow, rather than contract, in 2020.

Thailand’s leaderless, digitally driven protests are breaking the mold and confounding authorities.

The nation’s court system doesn’t recognize the concept of joint custody, leaving some divorced parents unable to visit or contact their children for years.

Since Trump’s call for an early troop withdrawal, Taliban peace negotiators have hardened their position.

But a battered economy awaits the New Zealand leader.

Returns show Ardern’s Labour Party with a substantial lead.

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Two Japans: One futuristic, one addicted to paper, personal stamps and faxes. The new government aims to change that.

Even before the pandemic hit, there was a view in China that the United States was a waning power. Now, officials in Beijing see what’s unfolding in America as part of an acceleration of American decline.

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