Chinese experts feel the age of intensifying rivalry with America is here to stay.

The vice president-elect’s parents were Indian and Jamaican immigrants who met in California.

South Korea’s tradition of eating dog meat is in sharp decline. On the rise is pet ownership and concern about animal welfare.

The dispute reflects a deeply polarized media landscape in the world’s largest democracy.

At least it makes you appreciate the real Kazakhstan more, said one TV host.

Beijing has doubled down on promoting the legitimacy of Communist Party rule to its citizens.

Political leaders persuaded Australians to take the pandemic seriously and implemented effective responses based on medical advice.

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The dramatic debut of Amrullah Saleh’s anti-crime effort was the demolition of a popular, upscale burger restaurant.

This wasn’t out of a high-minded — or, some would say, misguided — sense of journalistic objectivity. I simply never had the chance before.

One-quarter of the cabinet are Maori, the Indigenous people of New Zealand.

Two gunmen stormed a university in the Afghan capital and took several students hostage.

With some areas still cut off, it could take days to get a full picture of the destruction brought by the storm.

A new book poses an urgent question: Why does the United States need to be so powerful?

The cyclone, equivalent to a strong Category 5 hurricane, was expected to devastate a country already reeling from the coronavirus and earlier storms.

Cemetery capacity has reached critical levels in the densely populated Indonesian capital, where Islamic custom forbids cremation.

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Others play down fears of a less supportive stance toward Taipei, pointing to a fundamental shift in U.S.-China relations.

As Japan’s rural population shrinks, abandoned areas are becoming forested, and bears are using them to venture closer to the populated flatlands — and many are facing a grisly end.

Two referendum questions were put to voters alongside Oct. 17 elections in which Jacinda Ardern won a second term.

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One province began offering emergency vaccines to the public this month.

The island never went into lockdown, which experts say was because of its swift response, widespread mask use and close tracking of cases.

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