Infections and hospitalizations are spiking as an autumnal surge hits both sides of the Atlantic.

The two countries have been engaged in heavy fighting after an initial truce brokered by Russia two weeks ago quickly fell apart.

Women’s rights activists are protesting after a court ruling amounted to a near ban.

National rules in several countries suggest a growing belief that regional restrictions might not be enough to beat back covid-19.

Gregory is one of 13 cardinals in a new class announced Sunday. The appointment comes as he’s trying to rebuild trust in an archdiocese rocked by sexual abuse cases.

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya had demanded his resignation by Monday. Meanwhile, mass protests for Lukashenko’s ouster continued for the 11th straight weekend.

The beheading of history teacher Samuel Paty has set off a national reckoning in France and aggravated tensions with Turkey.

Cases in the country are spiking sharply. One reason may be a long-held suspicion of doctors.

So many workers are sick that critical services are faltering.

The ruling is being cheered as a win for the burgeoning meat-alternatives market.

Mikheil Saakashvili’s bid in Oct. 31 elections has many twists — including the fact that he was convicted of crimes in absentia.

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Over the course of Trump’s tenure in office, few people have cut more contrasting a figure than the pontiff.

A Mexican broadcaster said the quote was from a 2019 interview and had been cut by the Vatican.

The six-week lockdown could result in 150,000 people losing their jobs, the deputy prime minister said.

The pontiff’s remarks came in a new documentary and were quoted by the Catholic News Agency. They represent his clearest stance to date on a contentious issue inside the Roman Catholic Church.

The teacher, attacked and beheaded last week, was posthumously granted the Légion d’Honneur.

Police said they are investigating attacks that took place this month.

Who holds the origins of beet soup? Depends on who you ask. And where you ask it.

Peter Madsen was found guilty in the 2017 murder of Kim Wall, 30, who disappeared following an interview aboard his submarine.

The measure, pushed by Europe’s meat industry, has drawn an outcry from environmentalists.

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